What is Content Syndication and How Can It Help You?

What is Content Syndication and How Can It Help You?

Long-form Content Matters as Much as Where Users Find It


At ASTRALCOM, we sing the praises of long-form content in SEO time and again. Similarly, the need for strong backlinking is essential for healthy searchability.

What unites these two forces? According to the opinions over at Marketing Sherpa, Content Syndication is a good way to go. Syndicating web content is essentially re-publishing content on other sites – which means giving another writer, blogger or publisher permission to re-publish all of part of an article, post or social media entry.

Syndication is a way of building momentum around a buzzy topic, trend, product or experience – and can help you gain traction and exposure with new audiences who may not have been aware of you or your brand presence. When content feels unique, relevant and targeted to a user group, readers are going to feel brand alignment and interest in your message right away.

What sort of content lends itself to syndication? Press releases and long-form articles are ideal, especially when you start to build relationships with media outlets, trusted news partners and influential bloggers.

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