How To Rise Above Email Marketing Mediocrity

How To Rise Above Email Marketing Mediocrity

Yes – It Is Possible To Use Email Marketing & Achieve Greater Impact


Does it ever feel to you like your content marketing disappears into a void once launched? Or that no matter how much time you spend crafting the perfect hashtags, the most ideal calls to action and targeted customer relevance, you aren’t hearing what your customers really have to say about your output?

I’ve written in the past about the difficulties inherent in attaching key performance indicators and quantitative values to content marketing and SEO efforts. In some cases, your return on investment could also be assessed through the feedback loop content creates. This is especially the case in online reviews – particularly with Google My Business, with social media and – get ready for it – with email communications.

That’s right – as the team at Target Marketing points out, where there are consistent practice and human personality, email readers will take note (and may also send you a response!)

Email marketing may feel like a thing of the past – after all, automated content systems and a constant influx of deals and spam have rendered email nearly impossible to manage for many folks. However, as a core communication tool, email is not going away anytime soon – and there has never been a better moment to leverage its ubiquity with intelligent content marketing.

We love the idea of providing to-the-point, results-driven e-mail marketing that both gets a brand’s story in front of the customers that matter most, and gives businesses an opportunity to effectively track and even gather responses from readers. If you’re a small business looking for ways to up the ante on your email communications, ASTRALCOM can help with comprehensive content marketing services. Get in touch today.