How Can Businesses Leverage Buyer Psychology to Grow Their Reach?

How Can Businesses Leverage Buyer Psychology to Grow Their Reach?

Understand Where Features Intersect with Benefits to Transform Your Content Strategy.


Let’s face it – when it comes to buying stuff online, people are fickle. There is hardly a predictable trend to help you understand what type of product, story or online interaction will most certainly lead to a sale – if there was, the digital marketplace would be boring for both customers and businesses alike. Search Engine Journal discusses the value of considering your site both for its features and its benefits – features being the core functionality of the product or service you’re selling; benefits being the outcome/net experience and improvement a buyer can expect to experience once they have purchased your product or service.

Businesses tend to think from a feature-centric perspective, while customers are much more focused on benefits. If I buy this thing, how will it solve a problem for me? Will it make my life easier in some way? Is the experience clear and intuitive? These are the sorts of questions users might ask themselves while navigating an online buying moment.

I’ve written in the past about the significance of psychology in understanding customers. Much like personal psychology, buying behaviors will change over time – which is why it is often a good idea to seek out feedback on a regular basis from your customers. This could take the form of a focus group, a survey or direct outreach. In other words – instead of guessing what you think your audience wants, just ask them! The idea is to gather insights and reactions to the messages, copy, images and overall user experience you’re putting out in the world and to then determine where and how you need to make changes to your site in order to more closely align with buyers’ desires.

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