Location Data Remains Relevant for Marketers as COVID Evolves

Location Data Remains Relevant for Marketers as COVID Evolves

Economic Self-Care Means Knowing How Your Customers are Responding to Reopening.

Location Data in the COVID Age

Making a sale during the pandemic is a different exercise than it was before March 2020 – however, the data legwork that underlies customer understanding is arguably more important than ever. As an astute new article puts it, just because stores have been closed does not mean marketers should not be leaning on location data. Location data has proven a valuable way for marketers to gather real audience insights and understand how online and offline behavior is affecting sales.

I’ve written about the essential quality of location-based search several times in the past. The flipside of this is the data businesses can gather on location and activities – which is an area marketers are eager to get a grip on during this increasingly divisive moment of the pandemic. Companies should not assume that their customers are all staying home, or are all resuming some form of business as usual. People are demonstrating extreme variance in behavior – however, people are out in the world, moving around to a surprising degree.

Location data is useful because it puts essential behavioral changes on display. Where are customers spending more time, or less? Can restaurants and fast food establishments make strategic decisions based on customer traffic? Can retail stores leverage past data to target customers for e-commerce marketing? Location data can help you gather answers – and can help you drive conversions online by understanding day-to-day changes to mobility. All of this points to the critical need to bolster your local SEO efforts.

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