Google Maps’ Latest Updates Are Proof That They’ve Thought of Everything

Google Maps’ Latest Updates Are Proof That They’ve Thought of Everything

Is There Anything You Can’t Find via Google Maps?

Google Maps

As I’ve written about in a recent post, Google Maps does a lot more these days than simply help you get from point A to point B. There are loads of features and functions that drive engagement for an increasingly broad audience set.

The latest round of updates allows users to monitor their most commonly used public transportation routes – and helps anticipate route changes, delays, etc. It will also indicate how crowded a bus or train might be depending on the location and time of day. New updates poise Google to act as a lifesaver by offering easily viewable access to addiction recovery resources. The new app will allow users to view locations for recovery meetings and addiction resources in more than 33,000 locations, including Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous. Addicts in need of Naloxone, a legal drug that helps prevent overdose, can search for it within Google Maps by typing “Naloxone near me.”

Google implemented these changes in response to search queries from people who were looking for recovery support more than ever before.  In the past, Google Maps had already started listing places where people can get rid of unneeded medications, as well as a recovery support group.

Two things are remarkable about this set of updates. For one, it goes to show that social impact is both an important business story to tell and that even socially marginalized user groups are digitally savvy. Additionally, Google Maps is clearly the stand-out tool for people looking for location-based-anything – which is why it is crucial for you and your business more than ever. If you’re a business looking for ways to expand your local footprint, make ASTRALCOM your partner for digital marketing and SEO. Get in touch today.