What Does Gen Z Need in a Home?

What Does Gen Z Need in a Home?

Gen Z is Approaching Homebuying Age

Gen Z and Homebuying

When you think about Gen Z, what comes to mind? Believe it or not, this crop of TikTok-using, digitally native, socially conscious young people are beginning to enter their homebuying age. A recent article from Pro Builder discusses Gen Z’s preferences and priorities as they enter the housing market with specific expectations and demands.

For example, Gen Z homebuyers care about technology integration in homes. This includes smart home features such as connected appliances, thermostats, security systems, and energy-efficient solutions. Builders and developers need to incorporate these technologies to appeal to this demographic. Younger homebuyers also look for flexibility in living spaces. They want homes with adaptable layouts that accommodate changing needs, such as remote work, social gatherings, and personal hobbies. Open floor plans and multifunctional rooms are attractive to Gen Z buyers, as is access to outdoor spaces like private yards, balconies, rooftop terraces, community parks, and walking trails.

Environmental consciousness is second nature to Gen Z. They prefer eco-friendly homes with sustainable features like energy-efficient appliances, solar panels, green building materials, and water-saving fixtures. Builders should prioritize sustainability in their projects to attract this demographic.

Location, including proximity to urban amenities, public transportation, schools, workplaces, and entertainment venues, influences Gen Z’s homebuying decisions. They prefer convenient locations that offer easy access to essential services and activities, reducing commute times and enhancing quality of life.

Builders and developers need to understand and address a unique set of preferences to effectively attract Gen Z buyers. If you are a homebuilder looking for ways to draw Gen Z customers, ASTRALCOM can help. Check out our portfolio of homebuilder clients to learn more about how we bring success to brands in the real estate industry.


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