Advertising is Fuel for SEO

Advertising is Fuel for SEO

Here’s Why an Integrated Approach is the Best Answer for SEO and Ads.

Advertising is Fuel for SEO

Cracking the code on SEO is a multidimensional task. For technical marketers, working through all of the backend components of indexing, access, and rank is already a complicated task. However, one of the essential pieces of the puzzle is that in many cases, companies need to run paid advertisements and optimize a site the manual way.

For one thing, running ads give you a technical leg-up. Whenever a new ad is created, Google scans your site and scores it to ensure that there is good alignment between what you’re advertising and your site. This scan helps to prioritize where you sit among the many others that share keywords with you. Plus, running ads on Google allows you to understand your yield very quickly. Where there is a disconnect between clicks and conversions, you will soon start to see patterns and can deduce where you need to make site improvements. An ad that costs you a lot but performs poorly can help you unlock useful clues about where you need to optimize your site. 

Another advantage of running ads is boosting your brand message and general visibility. When a potential customer starts to gain familiarity with you and what you offer, they are more likely to click on offerings or ads from you in the future. The more you make an impression that engages users, the better your searchability.

On the back end, ads give you a lot more flexibility than SEO tools. Advertising allows you to select the exact language that you want to appear, giving you full control of your message. Plus, they will enable you to target based on location and other known demographic details. 

If you’re getting into SEO as a way to avoid purchasing ads, you’ll want to reevaluate and find a solution that integrates both. ASTRALCOM can help you navigate the complexity of SEO and digital advertising with comprehensive content and digital marketing services that deliver outstanding results. Get in touch today.