How E-Commerce Shops Can Make The Most of the Holidays

How E-Commerce Shops Can Make The Most of the Holidays

Cashing-in on Ongoing E-Commerce Efforts at the Most Profitable Time of Year

How E-Commerce Shops Can Make The Most of the Holidays

As we peer ahead into the holiday shopping season, e-commerce shops would do well to prepare for strong content marketing campaigns, refreshing their websites to maximize search traffic. Navigate your site as a user might – is it easy to find everything you’re looking for? Is the experience smooth? As with all things in the world of digital marketing, efficiency is important. With Black Friday and the December holidays approaching quickly, there are a few key ways to strategically maximize the efforts you have put into place throughout the year, to get the most out of this busy season.

For instance, now is a great time to take advantage of free product listings in Google Shopping and Bing. To do so, you’ll need to load product feeds to both Google and Microsoft’s Merchant Centers and see how organic traffic impacts your Holiday returns. Also, tracking your campaigns’ performance is a helpful way to ensure you’re aiming for success in the future. Data & Analytics tend to yield insightful results regarding paid ads – this is less true in the free, organic Shopping listings. However, you can add tags and other structured data through Google’s Merchant Center to offer you a picture of what users do after clicking to visit your site.

Another way to boost your visibility is to revisit and refresh your evergreen content. The content marketing materials and assets you’ve created throughout the year can probably stand to be dusted off, polished with holiday flair, and re-used in blogs, newsletters, social media posts, gift guides, etc. You and your team worked hard to make your content – now make your content work for you! Be sure to also revise headlines, descriptions, page titles, and metadata in ways that make them more discoverable and useful to holiday shoppers.

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