2023’s Top Lessons in SEO

2023’s Top Lessons in SEO

A Comprehensive SEO Checkup

Comprehensive SEO Checkup

In a field where the best practices change as often as the weather, brushing up on the best tools to ensure SEO success never hurts. At a high level, it is worth noting that Google still dominates the SEO landscape and that core content modules must be relevant and convey quality information to rank highly on the search engine results page. In fact, Google actively demotes websites with content that appears thin or lacking value. This is true both for websites as a whole and for smaller sections within a webpage. Key frameworks like E-E-A-T and understanding user intent remain critical to a site’s SEO success.


Using images on a website counts as content, too. Effective, SEO-friendly images should be high quality, related to the written content on the site, named with a cogent filename, and should feature alt text. Images that you use should make sense to your audience – using images that feel akin to what you post on social media or your Google Business profile will help build your brand and create a recognizable schema, both for your target customers and for Google.


If SEO is a new practice for your brand, don’t panic – there are many moving parts, but there are also tried and true strategies guaranteed to increase visibility for your website and brand. Learn more about how ASTRALCOM helps brands grow their SEO footprint. 


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