Google’s New SEO Playbook Accepts AI-Generated Content

Google’s New SEO Playbook Accepts AI-Generated Content

Does Successful Content Need To Be Human-Generated?

AI-Generated Content

The algorithm that fuels Google’s search is an ever-evolving source of truth for digital marketers. According to recent reporting, Google has made an SEO algorithm update to address the rise of AI-generated content, which is content produced by artificial intelligence systems rather than human authors. The update focuses on ensuring that AI-generated content maintains high quality and relevance to users. It aims to distinguish between valuable AI-generated content and low-quality, irrelevant, or inaccurate spammy content.

Webmasters and content creators should adhere to Google’s content guidelines and avoid using AI-generated content to produce low-quality or repetitive articles that offer little value to users. As ever, marketers should prioritize adhering to Google’s “E-E-A-T” principles (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness). What does that mean in practice? If you’re a content marketer looking to shortcut your workflow through Chat GPT, GP4, or image-generating AI tools, don’t ever press publish without giving the content a thorough round of edits, revisions, and accuracy checks. While AI-generated content can be helpful for scaling content production, it’s essential to strike a balance with human input to maintain quality. Learn more about ASTRALCOMM’s take on E-E-A-T and the ultimate need to offer value to your audience when they engage with your content marketing.


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