A Definition of KPIs in Content Marketing


The main purpose of content marketing is to attract leads, encourage conversions, and engage consumers. Content marketing must be measurable to track progress and Return on Investment (ROI) in marketing campaigns. This measure allows you to adjust your strategies based on what proves to work.

This is where KPIs come in.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the metrics used to determine marketing trends. These indicators allow companies to make sound factual decisions to steer the success of the business.

But what are the most relevant KPIs for content marketing?

In online marketing, content is the most important tool you have. When it comes to content, you want to keep tabs on how many views your articles are getting. This will allow you to measure whether there is interest in a topic or not. Page-views are another indicator: landing pages should be optimized to capture relevant traffic. Tracking the views your landing page receives will indicate whether it is working or not.

When examining the efficacy of your content, other factors to consider are return visitors, unique visitors, and the average rate of engagement. Having many unique visitors who do not engage with your content is a start, but it’s hardly a sustainable pattern. There should be a good balance of unique and return visitors, ensuring that you are both reaching new audiences and building a solid base, and if your rate of engagement is low then your marketing strategies need to be reconsidered.

When tracking engagement, pay attention to action metrics. These metrics will inform you how your audiences are converting by showing you what action they take in response to what content. For example, tracking when and how people are signing up for your newsletter or your email list can be a very useful metric.

ROI metrics, which measure the leads generated as well as deals and revenue influenced by your content marketing engagement, are vital to keeping track of. These metrics will show you the concrete impact that your campaign is having on your business.

For a more detailed explanation of what KPIs are and how to use them effectively, NewsCred Insights has published a thorough explanation in this article.

At ASTRALCOM, we are experts at a metrics-based approach to optimizing your online content. If you’re interested in the benefits of an online marketing campaign, reach out today and let us share our years of experience with your business.

Richard Bergér is the VP of E-Business for ASTRALCOM, an integrated media services company located near Los Angeles, California. Richard draws on his military and psychology backgrounds to create pervasive content strategies, motivating conversion tactics and targeted audience acquisition for clients. Connect with Richard via his LinkedIn profile.

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