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Best Websites on FacebookHere’s a great formula on how to achieve “escape velocity” with content. While this post isn’t exactly fresh, it contains some juicy nuggets with regards to the components of velocity related to content. You know; the “viral” factor. Felix Salmon goes deep and shares some fundamentals. While Felix doesn’t actually come right out and say it, you can surmise that one main factor within the course of creating escape velocity is context – the context of the content. To further illustrate this critical point, checkout this infographic on Content is King. Context is Queen. Conversion is the Royal Heir.

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Richard Bergér is the VP of E-Business for ASTRALCOM, an integrated media services company located near Los Angeles, California. Richard draws on his military and psychology backgrounds to create pervasive content strategies, motivating conversion tactics and targeted audience acquisition for clients. Connect with Richard via his LinkedIn profile.

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