The Syntax of Consumerism Part 1

The Syntax of Consumerism Part 1

Each advertising and marketing medium has its proper place in the messaging mix. There is a right time and a right place for print, social and mobile messaging. These media should be considered as tools to complete the job, but not considered as the job itself. You will need the right tool for the right job. The challenge is to figure out where, exactly, in the mix each one fits? It’s like a recipe for preparing a meal: add the wrong ingredient at the wrong time, skip a step in the process, or keep the flame too high and your dinner is ruined.

Likewise with tools: you wouldn’t use a screwdriver to loosen a bolt. The concept is similar to creating a sentence: Put the wrong words in the wrong place and you’re what understood to say be trying won’t – or, what you’re trying to say won’t be understood. Everything has a recipe – even disaster. Advertising and messaging are no different.

 It all has to do with syntax.

 The sequence of words in your message, the sequence of media in which customers experience your messaging, and the order in which each message is experienced, makes all the difference in the success of your advertising and messaging efforts.

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