Checkout the Agency Trends for 2016

Checkout the Agency Trends for 2016

Agency Trends 2016Read what Deutsch North American CEO Mike Sheldon says about relationships between marketers and agencies, in this interesting article from Adweek. He specifically states that, “We have lost a lot as an industry by clients having 15 different vendors who don’t know each other, who show up at maybe a meeting once a quarter or once every six months. And the fact that we don’t spend a lot of time sometimes with our media partners on behalf of our clients is criminal,” Sheldon said.

Here’s what Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners’ John Butler added to the conversation, “It’s going to be the AOR versus the projects and do we turn into production companies,” he said. “What I mean by that is at a production company, there’s not a real staff, right? They kind of bring them in and then they go, bring them in and then they go.”

As the market continues to evolve, more specialists will rise and production-based work will be a requirement for agencies looking to deliver in-time services to a growing market. At ASTRALCOM, we’ve been production-based since our inception nearly 20 years ago and have learned to compartmentalize specialties and expertise.

If your business (or your agency) needs today’s marketing specialists – in any channel – contact us and we’ll be your production team, too.