How Does Content Effect Search and The Buyer Journey?

How Does Content Effect Search and The Buyer Journey?

Content Marketing and Search

You gotta love when an article starts out like this, “Thinking about using content marketing for your business? Not sure about where to start with SEO? This is for you. Here are the basics you need to know to get more search engine traffic for your site.”

Brian Sutter does a bang-up job on explaining the benefits of content and SEO – and how the two are essentially tied-at-the-hip.

Mr. Sutter points out 15 solid ways to optimize content for search and for a good customer experience. While most of these tactics are considered fundamental to SEO, you’d be surprised at how many websites lack this handful of foundational SEO signals. Remember, there are over 200 such signals that Google checks and compares against when deciding on which pages to serve up in a search display – and at what position.

Nevertheless, Mr. Sutter’s article is a good read to check your basics against.

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