Is There More to Content Performance Than Vanity Metrics?

Is There More to Content Performance Than Vanity Metrics?

Liam Moroney from NewsCred talks about a recent breakout session on metrics and some of the challenges faced by content marketers, at the last #ThinkContent Tour event in Chicago.

Vanity Metrics

Aside from session durations, page depth and bounce rates, Liam’s post centers the focus on goals and says, “Don’t get me wrong, there is undoubtedly value in these numbers and you should continue to stay aware of them, but this is simply the veneer of Google Analytics. In order to measure results, you need to start with the goals of your content marketing and work backwards from there.”

Makes sense to us – that’s how we plan all of our projects and why our outcomes are so predictably above industry standard.

Read Liam’s post and you’ll learn about setting up goals, establishing benchmarks, measuring progress and more.

Of course, you could just as easily contact ASTRALCOM and we can help you plan, implement and measure you content marketing initiatives.