Vital Farms Hatches a 25% Increase in Organic Traffic

Vital Farms Hatches a 25% Increase in Organic Traffic

(Lakewood, CA – May 17, 2016) – ASTRALCOM, LLC today announced that they had recently entered into a search engine optimization agreement with Vital Farms.

Vital Farms supplies authentic pastured eggs to hundreds of grocery stores and restaurants from California to Maine, setting the national standard for the animal welfare of laying hens.

After an initial 3-month run, ASTRALCOM was able to demonstrate a significant increase in organic visits by more than 25% and an increase in referral traffic by nearly 35%; contributing to a lift in overall sessions by more than 24%.

organic traffic increases due to SEO

“We’re just getting started here,” stated Erik Jensen, Chief Technology Officer at ASTRALCOM. “We’ve got quite a lot still to do, but we’re very happy with these initial performance results,” he added.

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