Back to Digital Marketing Basics

Back to Digital Marketing Basics

With so many different digital marketing activities all requiring attention, it’s easy to forget about the basics.

You remember: Digital marketing basics like, basic information, basic web pages, basic products, etc.

MarketingSherpa’s recent post provides some interesting perspective on the new meaning of basic and states that, “Basic has become slang for limited, rudimentary or any number of other negative connotations.”


In an effort to stay fresh, trendy and current, the article suggests that most brands are cranking out content about advanced industry goings-on, breaking topics, cool features and advanced capabilities of their products and services. The MarketingSherpa article then asks if this is what customers really want from brands?

The article author cites an analysis he did that essentially proves his point about basic content.

MarketingSherpa wants us to remember the basics and offers this basic post to help keep us grounded.

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