How Can You Make A Difference In Healthcare With Content Marketing?

How Can You Make A Difference In Healthcare With Content Marketing?

Putting Feeling at the Center of Healthcare Messaging

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It comes as no surprise that healthcare is on everyone’s minds these days. The way brands approach health-related topics can make or break customers’ trust and sense of purpose in aligning with a health-related mission, product or service.

Humanizing stories related to health can protect brands from falling subject to listing numbers or cold metrics, or otherwise making patients, families, and customers feel like statistics. Ad Age and Modern Healthcare collaborated to determine the best agency work in Healthcare Impact this year – and there’s a lot to learn from their top choices.

If there’s a consistent red thread connecting the Impact winners, it’s responsible storytelling that’s framed in a way to humanize the people who receive healthcare and to act as a helpful source of accessible information on topics, diseases or scientific advancements that might otherwise be difficult for an audience to decipher.

When you know your customers’ interests and healthcare priorities, you can create digital stories that deliver meaning, value and ultimately long-term trust. Gaining a reputation for trustworthiness puts you one step closer to bringing on new patients. See our post on Creating Personas. Then, let’s talk about working with meaningful stories for your patients, providers, and customers.