Digital Marketing Strategies for Quick Service & Fast Casual Restaurants

Digital Marketing Strategies for Quick Service & Fast Casual Restaurants

blur-close-up-crispy-webQuick Service Restaurants and the Digital Needs of America’s Everyman

Quick eats are an everyday fact of life for millions of Americans. And yet, eaters are inundated with options that offer convenience, good prices, and a reliable experience. So how can quick service restaurants (QSR’s) distinguish themselves from the competition?

There are many factors that inform a customer’s decisions when it comes to food. Food can be a very emotional topic for many Americans and evokes a desire to integrate routines with friendliness, familiarity, and reliability. When it comes to creating an online experience, QSR’s are challenged to up their game to provide ease and lower barriers for customers who want no-hassle meals.

According to an article in Fast Casual, 63% of diners have at least one fast-service restaurant app on their phones, and 35% use their mobile devices to facilitate the ordering experience on a very regular basis.

An app is not always necessarily the solution – what’s key is to assess who is dining with you, what their needs are and how you can serve them as efficiently as possible to build loyalty and cultivate habits that bring customers back again and again. Maintaining a lively sense of brand personality across channels is key to ensuring the success of any new digital product for restaurants – a topic I’ve discussed before.

Finding your restaurant’s digital niche in the growing space of QSR’s is an essential exercise to grow your strategy. ASTRALCOM is here to help you address your multichannel marketing approach. Get in touch today.