Are You Keeping Pace With 2019’s Hottest SEO Trends?

Are You Keeping Pace With 2019’s Hottest SEO Trends?

Emerging Trends in the SEO Landscape This Year


At its core, SEO is all about helping users find and connect with the most relevant information online. How to do this – and drive an exponential brand reach for your business – involves a complex recipe of tactics and methods that maximize your visibility while driving conversions.

An article from this summer surfaces many of the emergent trends underway in the SEO world this year.

■ First and foremost is understanding user intent. I’ve written about the necessity of clear, disambiguated language and calls to action to effectively link users’ intent with their search results. Don’t be an artifact of the algorithm – present a clear, compelling message to users who are looking for what you have to offer.
■ The stats are proving that 2019 is the year of voice search – being optimized for voice will be a major benefit, especially for local brick and mortar businesses.
■ Diversify. Elevate your brand’s profile on Facebook and Amazon for increased searchability.
■ Check-in on your brand’s avenue to user-generated content, as brand loyalty and social mentions, matter more than ever this year.
■ Lead with mobile-first indexing. It’s 2019 – optimizing for the desktop will date your brand – and its reach.
Get on top of technical SEO and prioritize the tech needs that underlie great content.

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