What Makes Healthcare Marketing Uniquely Challenging?

What Makes Healthcare Marketing Uniquely Challenging?

Can Your Healthcare Brand Stand Up To the Sea of Sameness?

What Makes Healthcare Marketing Uniquely Challenging

‘Go bold’ may not be a predictable approach for healthcare brands. After all, customers rely on healthcare providers to be accurate, factual, approachable, and consistent with their expectations. Highly stylized, braggadocios, sarcastic brands are unlikely to build trust with healthcare customers. And yet, as one expert put it, the greatest challenge facing healthcare marketers today is finding a compelling way to stand out or at least create some unique qualities that stand up to the industry’s rather staid conventions. Their solution was to break the mold with a visually striking campaign that illustrated pithy – but fascinating – facts about the health system. The results have been dramatic, as the campaign resonated with many age groups and was easy for customers to access digitally.

ASTRALCOM has supported a variety of healthcare brands in developing content marketing and digital strategy. We know that no two providers are alike, and we are here to help you unlock your unique value proposition.


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