How to Turn Your Customers Into Brand Advocates: Homebuilder Example

How to Turn Your Customers Into Brand Advocates: Homebuilder Example

Updated June 9, 2022


You don’t need advertising; you need advocates. Brand advocates are the people who tell everyone they know about how awesome your product is.

In the social economy, testimonials, news stories, blog posts and other 3rd party statements are marketing gold. They also help to shape consumers’ minds and build overall trust in your brand.

This is why enlisting customers – wherever they are in the sales cycle – as brand advocates, is critical to gaining market share and to growing sales.

The ultimate social and sales strategies need to engage consumers as they move through the sales cycle process – from “just looking” all the way through post-purchase.

Implementing a social-first strategy delivers an engaging experience that inspires users to talk about, post and otherwise advocate your brand throughout their networks of friends, family and associates and offers several main benefits.

New home builders have a unique product development lifecycle; one that involves the customer from source-to-sale and into warranty. This end-to-end process enables prime opportunities for builders to create deeper and more meaningful relationships with their customers and their buyers. But how?

For homebuilders, leveraging the social ecosystem effectively weaves lead prospecting, sales and contract cycle status, design personalization features, warranty and post-warranty support into a more engaging brand experience. By integrating reasons and incentives for your customers to post earned and user-generated content for your brand it becomes a completely new way of growing customers into brand advocates – automatically.

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