What’s The Leading Concern Among Small Business Owners?

What’s The Leading Concern Among Small Business Owners?

Constant Contact did a survey in March 2015 that indicated finding new customers was the leading business concern among US small business owners.

This eMarketer article states that, “When it comes to bringing in new business, word-of-mouth is still the most effective marketing channel for small and medium-sized businesses.” Search engine optimization and online local directories were the second and third most effective marketing channels for bringing in new leads and customers, followed by email marketing.


The article further demonstrates that the majority of small business owners focus on building strong relationships as a primary strategy to keeping clients.

eMarketer sums it up nicely, “Generating leads and closing deals are just the beginning for small businesses. If they want to maintain the customer base they’ve worked hard for, they’ll need to form strong relationships with their clients. If not, they risk losing out to other driven parties in the industry that do.”

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