Have You Considered Transforming Your Sales Copywriting?

Have You Considered Transforming Your Sales Copywriting?

Sequencing, Communicating Value, And Specificity Are The Essential Ingredients In Effective Sales Copywriting

The Essential Ingredients In Effective Sales Copywriting

Selling products, ideas, and experiences online is all about making a strong impression. It is crucial for marketers to hook a reader’s attention, convey something exciting and valuable, and drive the point home by signaling its relevance, all in just a few words. Sound impossible? According to recent analyses of sales copy on websites, in e-mails, and apps, polished sales copy is both possible and guaranteed to achieve a positive outcome.


The first rule of thumb in examining your sales headlines is to capture a reader’s attention immediately. This means that instead of explaining how a customer can use your business, clearly spell out what you can do for them. The difference may look like a simple turn of phrase – from “Use x to achieve y” to “X gives you….” Leading with value is your best option to grab a reader’s attention quickly. Another interpretation of this sequencing format is called an implied value proposition or reason-centric language. Under this framework, written copy assets the reason why a customer should click your CTA, read your listicle, or otherwise engage with your brand as opposed to focusing on what you want from them.


For businesses that face a lot of competition, communicating value can feel like a salesy game. Gain your customer’s trust by peppering your sales content with factual, quantitative data. Do you have hard numbers to support claims you’re making about the value of your products or the problem you’re solving? Studies show that leaning on numerical facts drives engagement because they build credibility and trust. 


To assess your brand’s sales copy and build a clear roadmap for your brand, lean on ASTRALCOM’s content strategy services.


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