Understanding the SEO Significance of Pillar Pages

Understanding the SEO Significance of Pillar Pages

Pillar Pages Ease Friction for Customers – Here’s Why

SEO Significance of Pillar Pages

A pillar page is a landing page on your website that hones in on a core topic, service, or product your business provides. Pillar pages help users quickly and efficiently access the lion’s share of the content they need to become informed about your value proposition. At the same time, these pages assist search engine algorithms in determining relevance. A pillar page supports the rest of your site’s infrastructure and should branch into more specific, targeted pages with niche product lines, content marketing deep dives, and more. 

A solid pillar page will help Google determine how authoritative and legitimate your site is. Be sure to use your pillar page to signal your expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness while streamlining a user’s experience through high-value content. There is no one template for the perfect pillar page – and chances are, the ingredients are all assets and messages that you have already generated. ASTRALCOM can help you make the best possible use of your brand assets to unlock your website’s SEO potential. 


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