What is Generative Engine Optimization?

What is Generative Engine Optimization?

AI and SEO Combined Create Powerful New Solutions for Businesses

AI and SEO

Have you found your site lagging on the Search Engine Results Page behind a few corporate giants whose offerings overlap with yours? Many small business owners find this to be a frequent cause for concern – and, thanks to new research on the potential connections between SEO and AI, there may be a fresh solution.

The latest research attempted to create a Generative Engine technique, which is comprised of a set of generative models and a search engine, to test for different outcomes. Researchers found that this method increased the visibility of smaller, lower-ranked websites by 115%, enabling them to compete effectively with larger corporate sites in search results. Not all industries and strategies are alike in this method – and some of its outcomes clash with traditionally tried-and-true SEO methods, such as authoritative content and keyword optimization. It’s safe to say this technique is experimental at this stage but has the potential to democratize the digital space, benefiting smaller content creators, independent businesses, and sites that tend to perform more poorly overall.

If the marketing potential of AI excites you, but you’re unsure where to begin, partner with the seasoned professionals at ASTRALCOM. We bring decades of experience and have a full grasp of the unique challenges of SEO marketing in today’s ever-evolving search engine landscape.


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