Responsive Does NOT mean Mobile-Friendly

Responsive Does NOT mean Mobile-Friendly

Now that Google has enacted their new algorithm for mobile device search engine rank positioning, many businesses were caught ill-prepared. If you’re one of those businesses without a mobile-friendly website, then you’re in for some big changes in your organic search traffic. Big negative changes, that is.

This is vitally important for any business that gets its traffic from Google. To the degree that Forrester Research has indicated that just 38% of business websites are currently optimized for mobile, while nearly 86% of all U.S. smartphone users search via Google.

“But wait, my website is a responsive design,” you may say. The fact is that just because a website is responsive, that doesn’t mean its mobile friendly. Oh yes.

Just like SEO for websites, this has now become SEO, of sorts, for the mobile landscape. Notice I said mobile landscape. That’s because this new update from Google focuses only on mobile searches and not searches initiated on desktop devices.


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