In Search, Your SERP Listings Are Your Life

In Search, Your SERP Listings Are Your Life

Last month, we wrote a post about Online Reputation Management (ORM). After publishing that article, one of our clients engaged us to clean up his Google listings. Our client, Joseph A. Cabaret, MD, is a renowned physician on the cutting edge of regenerative medicine, chronic pain management, and opioid addiction treatment. Dr. Cabaret decided to launch his own practice, after being involved with several different medical groups, hospitals, and other entities. In so doing, Dr. Cabaret moved to a new office and location and none of the Google references on page 1 had correct contact information. These 3rd party sites were a combination of ratings and review sites, old locations, and medical information sites – and they all had inaccurate information.

Reputation Management

Dr. Cabaret was afraid that many of his current patients wouldn’t be able to find him and that newer patients would end up with the wrong contact and location information, become frustrated and give up.

We sat down with Dr. Cabaret and performed a name brand search engine rank positioning (SERP) inventory. We could definitely see the problem. So, together, we developed a critical action plan to effectively correct this issue. In a combination of efforts that included information update requests, paid placement and SEO tactics, we were able to correct this distressing situation for Dr. Cabaret in short order.

Now, patients, referral sources, and other interested people can easily connect with Dr. Cabaret because he “owns” Google’s page 1 listings for his name brand search. Dr. Cabaret went from, “We’ve got to get this situation corrected because it’s negatively affecting my business,” to, “What you guys did really help my peace of mind and my practice!”

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Online listings causing you grief in one form or another? Let us help you gain ownership of your name brand listings in Google.


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