Psychology Creates Deeper Marketing Impact than AI

Psychology Creates Deeper Marketing Impact than AI


Customers want a likable, relatable brand voice. They’re human, after all.

There’s no question that the digital and mobile-first eras have changed the game for marketers. And yet, at the core, being a good marketer is about steering a compelling narrative that end users feel motivated by. Aspirational content creation is one of many psychological angles marketers and content creators can work with. The key in psychology-driven marketing is likeability, according to a recent deep dive by Search Engine Journal. This is good news for creative teams and brands – customers want to hear from you, not from an algorithm.

Competition is fierce in the content space. And with the evolving field of voice assistants and command-driven interactions, it is only going to get more important for marketers to have clean, quippy messages that cut across channels. Getting in the headspace of a busy, distracted customer can help you identify with the needs of users running lightning-speed queries into their various smart devices – and what’s more, being eye-catching (or ear-catching), memorable and relevant will help your brand to blend in more faultlessly with the ambient, dependable qualities that users associate with assistant-driven tech gadgets.

As I wrote recently, how you convey your message is just as important as what you’re trying to communicate. Tapping into the psychological niche your audience in targeted, specific ways will grow your customer intelligence and will set your SEO apart.

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