SEO Is A Key Ingredient For Real Estate Growth

SEO Is A Key Ingredient For Real Estate Growth


Real Estate Goes Digital: How To Keep Your Edge With SEO

These days, every business – small or large, family-owned or public, local or global – is a digital business. When it comes to something as concrete and tangible as a new home, it may come as a surprise that 95% of homebuyers look online to learn about real estate. And yet, in a fragmented, distributed market where purchasing a home requires buyers to consider sweeping factors from economic shifts to preferential tax locations, we’re no longer in a world where a home-seeker drives by a property and is immediately swayed.

There are several tactical solutions that can benefit real estate organizations in the era of digital everything. I recently wrote about the benefit of SEO to help developers reach prospective buyers earlier in their sales journey. SEO is crucial every step of the way and can skyrocket a homebuilder’s visibility – which is just the first battle.

Offering consistent informational content on social media or blogs is another great way to grow your content footprint and establish you as a thought leader on all things relating to homebuilding, lifestyle, the environment you provide your buyers and more.

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