Hispanic Homebuyers Are Propping Up the U.S. Market

Hispanic Homebuyers Are Propping Up the U.S. Market

Real Estate Experts Identify a Reliable Target Demographic in a Slow Housing Market


What does it mean for an entire sector to be in a slump? When it comes to real estate, it means diverting from years-long trends toward new buyer needs, shifts in market viability and complex customer profiles. This past spring, home purchases reached their lowest price levels in seven years. And yet, a promising customer demographic has taken shape in the Hispanic community.

The Real Deal tells us that 63% of new homeowners are Hispanic – even though the group accounts for a relatively small 18% of the U.S. population. This is significant because it points to a clear trend that can have lasting impacts on the values, priorities and financial plans of the Hispanic community.

Knowing your customer is critical for any marketer. Homebuilders who are seeking to better reach this burgeoning demographic would be well served by understanding what they need, how they’re thinking about home purchases and what compels them to make decisions. As I’ve discussed in the past, the sales cycle for homeownership involves a long prelude – real estate marketers can capitalize on the long game by getting their stories in front of the right customer demographics early and with thoughtful, authentic branding,

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