How To Translate Content Marketing into Value

How To Translate Content Marketing into Value

Can You Perfect the Recipe for User Acquisition?


There is no one way to acquire customers in today’s digital marketplace – after all, user behavior is as complex as people are, and the decisions people make online are unlikely to follow a unilateral pattern. Paid acquisition is one approach – but as a recent article in Business2Community points out, it is getting increasingly difficult to attach an ROI to paid acquisition.

Simplify your strategy by leaning-in to content marketing. Quality is essential – and good content is never free – however, there are concrete things you can do to validate the cost of good content marketing that can be baked into your strategy from day 1.  Which is to say – knowing where you can attribute content marketing’s performance is key in aligning it with your metrics and outcomes down the line.

I’ve written in the past about the significance of quantifying an ROI when it comes to content marketing. When you’re looking to concretely drive conversions, a great tack to take is to publish content that adds value to users’ experience. Are you informing them of something new, interesting and useful in a compelling way? Can you track their engagement with content over time? Can you align everything you publish to a purpose that serves the user? Ask yourself these questions as you plan your editorial calendar.

Leverage as many content formats as possible. When you create written content, you can re-use it across social media channels. Or if you invest in a podcast, for instance, you can re-purpose podcast quotes and themes across a variety of formats.

Lastly, look at all of the different conversions your content can drive. It’s not always as simple as an engaged user who then becomes a one-time customer. Perhaps they register their interest in receiving additional content from you, entering a longer-term funnel. You can put numbers against these bets as well, attaching dollar amounts to a target number of users.

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