New Online Behaviors Taking Shape During COVID-19 Lockdowns

New Online Behaviors Taking Shape During COVID-19 Lockdowns

How Is Digital Behavior Changing in the Time of COVID-19?

Digital Behavior Changing in the Time of COVID-19

Extra screen time, anyone? Anyone paying close attention has probably noticed a marked increase in the amount of time spent scrolling on one’s phone or glued to a laptop screen during the shelter-in-place situation that is quickly becoming a global norm. Reading news content online has been a big priority for lots of internet users, and with a new set of facts changing our personal priorities and behavior daily, it comes as no surprise that people are more eager than ever to keep tabs on the latest headlines.

Today’s shifts are very likely to continue to impact people, marketing and business in the future. Notably, many people are looking to digital experiences to provide connection, support, and assistance where they are otherwise missing from daily life. People are craving ways to connect over the culture, experiences, and entertainment they love. The loss of community connection people are used to feeling out in public is staggering – so it’s no surprise to see online communities filling in to act as virtual gathering spaces.

On Facebook, this takes the form of groups where people can come together over a special interest or event. Facebook sees groups as a key element in its growth, now and beyond COVID-19. This could make Facebook groups an increasingly relevant area for consideration by businesses and brands in the future, as folks become increasingly reliant on online communities to meet their social needs.

Video interaction and live events that are streamed online is another area that has seen a lot of growth in the past several weeks. Musicians are often at the forefront of marketing and branding trends – a topic I’ve written about in the past – and watching DJs and other performers take their content online as streams via Twitch has been surprising and delightful for many music fans.

Whether or not your business is ready to take live events or community initiatives online, now is the time to take note of what people need and the types of promotional efforts that are most likely to yield a positive response for you and your company. If you’re looking for ways to navigate your community of customers during this pandemic, make ASTRALCOM your partner – we can help you merge your marketing goals with a digital roadmap that will meet people where they are today, in spite of everything. Reach out to learn more about our expertise.