How Are You Driving Growth Through Conversion Rate Optimization?

How Are You Driving Growth Through Conversion Rate Optimization?

Yes – There Is a Way To Leverage Your Conversion Rate to Push Growth To New Heights.

Conversion Rates

Are you pleased with the rate of conversion you see from your marketing efforts? A recent article cites that only one-fifth of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates. We talk a lot about digital marketing here at ASTRALCOM – however, it is also critical for companies to think about Conversation Rate Optimization. When I say conversion here, I don’t just mean a transaction or sale – I suggest looking at the fine details of a customer’s experience on your site. Where do they click? What grabs their attention? If they are taking any action at all, it will positively impact your conversion rate.

Optimization is incremental and repeatable– meaning the change you make today will likely yield solid returns now and into the future. However, as you start to understand how users engage with your site, you can better track how both you and your customers achieve the results you want. Also, optimization is about improving the conversion of web traffic you already have. It’s helpful to think about conversion rate optimization as a cycle. First, you determine your goals. What are you trying to improve? Which pages on your website need a boost? Where is there a call to action for users? Once you set a goal, it’s time to gather relevant data about how users are interacting with your site. Analytics, payment data, and behavioral data are all good places to start. You’ll want to analyze the data with extra focus on your current conversion rate – as well as any factors that might be harming your conversion rate.

Next, work out a hypothesis. Forming a hypothesis doesn’t need to be as scientific as it sounds – you simply want to figure out what you’d like to focus on improving. Your hypothesis should include what changes you’ll implement as a test, which type of customer you’re trying to convert, and what results you want to see. At this point, you’re ready to design a simple test and watch results pour in over the course of about two weeks. Be on the lookout for any features or technology that might be broken or otherwise inhibit your test results.

Design layout redesigns, CTA copy tweaks, and information hierarchies are all excellent examples of testable units that will offer results in a contained time. Once your test is complete and you have a statistically significant number of conversions to analyze, you can determine why your changes were or were not successful, and implement them in future campaigns.

Optimizing conversions need not be a guessing game. You can learn more about it in our Conversion Marketing Thought Leadership Series in our blog, If you’re looking for ways to lift your conversion rate, ASTRALCOM can help. Get in touch today.