Blend Data with Creativity to Drive Restaurant Marketing

Blend Data with Creativity to Drive Restaurant Marketing

How to Balance Restaurant Marketing with Business Operations

Blend Data with Creativity to Drive Restaurant Marketing

Running a restaurant often involves focusing on reactive, short term management. Food – its seasonality, supply chain, and health & safety measures amid COVID-19 are among the chief factors restaurant owners need to juggle on a day to day basis. Not to mention staffing, customer satisfaction, and ensuring a quality experience. Among all of these, a different priority is consistent restaurant marketing that can help to retain current customers and sustain long-term growth.

Good restaurant marketing is rooted in authentic human experience, a topic I’ve written about before. When it comes to enjoying a meal, almost anyone can relate – so restaurant marketers should be clear about who they’re marketing to and why. Keep in mind how your different audience groups might respond to a distinct visual style or message. 

 Beyond audience awareness, here are some key factors that should inform marketing a restaurant every step of the way.

  • Make ordering easy. Often, hungry customers are simply eager for convenience. Put your menu online, keep it up to date, and make it easy for customers to order food using your mobile site for pick-up or delivery – or work with third-party delivery services, so long as they aren’t damaging your bottom line.
  • Make local SEO a priority. Queries for a certain type of cuisine “near me” continue to skyrocket across smartphones, voice devices, and laptops. Ensure that all possible keywords associated with your restaurant are included in your metadata & backend. Location-specific ads can also drive relevant customers to you through Geotargeting.
  • Stay active on Google My Business, Yelp, and other local listings pages to boost your chance of getting customers to perk up and notice you. Ensure that your location, hours, phone number, and dining options (Dine-in, Takeout, Delivery, etc.) are up to date so that fast-searching customers have all the information they need before ordering from you. 
  • Keep it visual. Let your customers feast with their eyes when seeking you out on Google or social media. You might also experiment with short videos for Instagram or YouTube to help customers feel involved in what your cuisine and your brand are all about.

From fast-casual to formal dining, restaurant owners can find supportive, experienced digital marketing expertise at ASTRALCOM. Learn more about how we work with restaurants and other small businesses. 


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