The Scoop On SERP Analysis Tools

The Scoop On SERP Analysis Tools

Is It Worth It To Invest In Tools That Analyze Your Search Engine Results Page?

SERP Analysis Tools

Any scrupulous content marketer will be deeply familiar with the process of analyzing a competing brand’s performance for relevant keywords on the Search Engine Results Page, or SERP. New tools are arriving on the scene that scrape SERPs, analyze them, and offer recommended content approaches based on probable instances of keyword similarity across sites that rank the highest. These tools may sound like a cure-all – but the content marketing community is unsure whether they are worth using at all.

It makes sense to be skeptical of a quantitative tool when measuring SERP ranking and performance. After all, correlation does not indicate causation, and the new tools that are emerging rely on correlation analysis to identify what is working well for top-ranking websites. Correlative data points like word count, keyword recurrence, or social media popularity tend not to reveal accurate links between competing sites. In other words, while two sites may share many qualities, there may be other factors still that contribute to their ranking status. Similarly, quantity does not equal quality – having access to a massive number of results is not necessarily going to translate to exact analysis.

Another issue that these new tools face is relevance. SEO is a constantly shifting landscape. Can a new suite of enterprise tools keep up? There are those who doubt and others who are willing to try anything to take on the SEO albatross. If you’re looking for an expert opinion in your quest to expand your business’ SEO, partner with us.


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