What is Link Juice and Why Should You Take it Seriously?

What is Link Juice and Why Should You Take it Seriously?

Link Juice: The Truth Behind the Shady Phrase

What is Link Juice

Link juice: the very sound of it is sleazy. In fact, Google’s SEO head John Mueller claimed that link juice is “not to be trusted.” In a recent deep dive, however, the team at Search Engine Land reveals that link juice describes a web content phenomenon that is very real and worth your attention.

When you consider link authority, link value, or link equity, you’re describing the same phenomenon as link juice. In practice, the salient point is to focus on putting out high-quality content to attract excellent links. The better your content, the more your peers will reference it. Linkable assets in the form of infographics, videos, in-depth guides, and unmissable breaking news are strong examples of content that is link fodder. If the linking isn’t happening on its own, find publishers, journalists, and thought leaders who will share your content and grow your reach. This type of ecosystem linking is vital maintenance for your SEO.

At ASTRALCOM, we’ve been growing our knowledge of link value for decades. Lean on us for support with your SEO needs, and we promise – we’ll only use the phrase “link juice” if you ask us to.


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