What Businesses Should Know About Google’s Core Update

What Businesses Should Know About Google’s Core Update

A Breakdown of Google’s August 2023 Core Update

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New season, new SEO update! The August 2023 Core Update marks a significant development for online marketers as Google introduces an algorithmic update. As ever, their aim is to continually enhance search results and refine users’ experience. This particular update can potentially impact the rankings of various websites across the internet. Why? Simply put, Google has undertaken a comprehensive revision of its algorithm to better understand and interpret user intent and web content nuances.

The primary objective of the August 2023 Core Update is to offer users more precise and useful search results. They are working toward that goal by evaluating several factors on web pages, including content quality, relevance, credibility, and user experience. Google’s algorithm analyzes these factors to gauge a web page’s overall value to users seeking information. Websites that effectively fulfill these criteria will likely witness improved rankings, while others that may not align as closely with the updated algorithm might experience fluctuations in their search visibility. Now is a prime time for digital marketers to closely monitor the impact of the update on their website’s performance, recognizing that fluctuations in rankings might occur as the new algorithm assesses and recalibrates the relevance of various pages. Businesses might need to make adjustments to their content and ensure that it remains authoritative, relevant, and user-centric.

It’s important to note that the effects of core updates are not always immediate and may take time to stabilize. Therefore, continuous monitoring and adaptation are a good course of action to address any potential shifts in website rankings. Google has also emphasized that there is no specific action to take to recover from drops in rankings that might occur due to the update. Instead, and likely to the chagrin of marketers who have defaulted to AI-generated content marketing in recent months, it suggests focusing on delivering high-quality content that caters to users’ needs.

As ever, the introduction of the August 2023 Core Update is further evidence of Google’s dedication to enhancing search quality and user satisfaction. If you’re eager to stay vigilant about the impact of this update on your site’s performance but aren’t sure which steps to take, partner with the experts at ASTRALCOM. Lean on our decades of search marketing expertise so that you can make the necessary adjustments to enhance your search visibility in the evolving digital landscape.


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