Common E-Commerce Blunders To Avoid

Common E-Commerce Blunders To Avoid

Avoid These Common SEO Mistakes On Your Brand’s E-Commerce Site

Common SEO Mistakes On Your Brand’s E-Commerce Site

Just like all sites your brand puts online, your e-commerce site needs to be optimized for search. Yet – when it comes to e-commerce, it’s possible to make things harder for yourself by tripping over a few common blunders. For instance, if you have too much copy on web pages that list categories, your site will be less compatible with Google’s algorithm. In many cases, SEO favors long-form content – however when it comes to e-commerce, category pages should be kept to 300 words or fewer – or else Google might view the page as a blog post or article rather than a category page.

Avoiding duplication is another key tactic. Unfortunately, a lot of digital marketers are in the habit of copying and pasting content from place to pace. Repeating content is against the rules for search engines – paraphrasing, however, is a good way to enrich your site and improve your page rank.

Each page in your e-commerce site should have a purpose – especially your category pages. Putting text on a page for its own sake won’t help you out in the long run. Consider a user’s organic behaviors, and add site content that visitors can actually engage with. Anticipate their needs by answered questions, and put a nice FAQ on the category page, for instance.

Lastly, product detail pages should have rich content with full, compelling descriptions. Sprinkle in a variety of images of products, a la Amazon. Videos are great to include as well, where appropriate. You can also use the product page to include reviews.

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