Four Principles That Will Transform Your Digital Advertising

Four Principles That Will Transform Your Digital Advertising

There Has Never Been A Better Time To Reinvigorate How You Approach Creative

Digital Advertising

For digital advertisers, creative approaches can be challenging to pin down. Ads are a part of digital culture and need to be on-trend, attention-grabbing, and compelling. Google released a recent report that details four principles to ensure strong results through their ads platform. Here’s my take on their advice.

1. Open with a strong CTA. Customers want to feel guided, encouraged, and helped by brands. When you lead with a clear, transparent CTA, you’re giving them an inviting gateway to engage with you. Your headline is text – so think carefully about how to catch your target audience quickly and bring them to your landing page. Your brand name and identity should be easy to see and identify to build recognition among your customers.

2. Vary your assets. Google’s report leans on one of the cornerstones of SEO – versatility. Ensure that your ads leverage as many assets as possible so that Google’s automation can find combinations and improve the way your ads perform. This means including images and video wherever possible. When your images feature people in real-life situations, they’re 30% more likely to lead to a conversion.

3. Consider the mobile experience, first and foremost. This means that ad creative needs to be extra punchy to stand out on a small screen. Imagery should have clear visual anchors – aim for symmetry, good framing, and natural lighting. Don’t try to cram too much into an image – your logo or promotional text does not belong on an ad overlay.

4. Make testing part of your plan. Before committing fully to a creative direction, give your ads a few weeks of breathing room so that you can cull together reflections about how they performed.

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